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we do not rest on our crown of laurels but continue to be informed and updated with our collaborators and professional public demands, in order to develop new projects with an only target: to offer the necessary means for a performing continuing education, for the benefit of our patients.”

Prof. Adi A. Garfunkel,
in memoriam

Actualităţi Stomatologice: print & digital

published under the auspices of one of the most important specialty publications in the United States: Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry (an AEGIS Communications publication).

is the only printed Romanian dental journal of its kind, published quarterly and distributed free of charge since 1999. The active communication platform in the scientific dental field – dentalnews.ro – complements the Actualităţi Stomatologice brand since 2007.


The printed Actualităţi Stomatologice / Romanian Dental News Journal is CE-accredited and distributed free of charge, 4 times a year, via postal services, to over 5,500 dental professionals (dentists, dental technicians, senior students) from all over the country. This is the ONLY Romanian dental professional journal backed online with additional scientific material.

Actualităţi Stomatologice, a modern and well documented journal, in its 20 years of apparition presents a unique concept of a medical-dental publication materialized by its form and content reflecting practical and applicable knowledge, permanently updated in light of the international practice.

The structure of the journal has a well determined format including defined chapters such as: continuing education, case reports, case studies, practical applications, essentials, literature reviews, business of dentistry, special and product reports, local case sharing. Its editorial board is proud to include the leaders of the Romanian Dentistry together with famous international personalities in dentistry (USA, France, England, Germany, Israel).

On the forefront of the specialty publications, Actualităţi Stomatologice is the only dental professional journal PRINCIPAL MEDIA PARTNER of the DENTA exhibition. This is the leading international event for the Romanian dental market.

It is mailed 4 times a year via postal services to over 5,500 Romanian dentists from all over the country, completely FREE OF CHARGE! The senior students in the dental faculties from all over Romania have also access to the journal and are exposed to the new dental products and scientific subjects.

The printed journal is available also online, including the archive.

In 2020: we are planning 4 printed issues, adapted to the dates of Romanian stomatological events: MARCH, MAY, SEPTEMBER and NOVEMBER.


dentalnews.ro is our active communication platform in the scientific dental field wich complements the Actualitati Stomatologice brand since 2007. New articles are available online only on the journal’s web site. Both general practitioners and specialists will find relevant information applicable in their every day practice.


The newsletter LIVE NEWS by Actualităţi Stomatologice is our means of communication. It keeps the dental professional public abreast with the new and interesting subjects from the Romanian dentistry.
It promotes articles, events, new products, special offers, discoveries, business opportunities and private practices tips.