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The Romanian Dental News Journal, Actualităţi Stomatologice is published under the auspices of one of the most important specialty publications in the United States: Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry (an AEGIS Communications publication).

“Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry” published by AEGIS Communications

The Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry is AEGIS’ recognized professional vehicle for delivering peer-reviewed scientific articles with clinical significance for both general practitioners and specialist.
Compendium‘s editorial board comprises domestic and international researchers, many of whom are professors from distinguished dental universities.
A time-tested reputation (40 years) and global recognition are the hallmarks of Compendium.
Using its strategically positioned editorial environment, Compendium strives to rapidly and accurately disseminate evidence-based research, emerging technologies, and CRO trial outcomes, and to translate this information into clinical applications.


D. Walter Cohen, DDS


Louis F. Rose, DDS, MD


John C. Kois, DMD, MSD


Stephen J. Chu, DMD, MSD, CDT


Ray C. Williams, DMD


Joel Berg, DDS, MS: Pediatric
Donald Clem, DDS: Periodontology
Jack Dillenberg, DDS, MPH: Public Health
Matt Falkenstein, DDS: Kois Center Case
Gerard Kugel, DMD, MS, PhD: Research
Barry P. Levin, DMD: Implants
Roger Levin, DDS: Practice Management

Edward McLaren, DDS, MDC: Prosthodontics
Allen Ali Nasseh, DDS, MMSc: Endodontics
Gary Orentlicher, DMD: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Thomas Sollecito, DMD: Oral Medicine
Rena Vakay, DDS: Restorative


Gary Alex, DMD
Edward P. Allen, DDS, PhD
David R. Avery, AAS, CDT
James Bahcall, DMD
Elizabeth Bakeman, DDS
Frederic Barnett, DMD
William L. Balanoff, DDS, MS
Harold Baumgarten, DMD
William Becker, DDS, MS
Nitzan Bichacho, DMD
Markus B. Blatz, DMD, PhD
Yolanda Bonta, DMD, MS
Robert L. Boyd, DDS
I. Stephen Brown, DDS
Lyndon Cooper, DDS, PhD
Lee Culp, CDT
Robin Daniel, DDS
Raymond A. Dionne, DDS, PhD
Mark Donaldson, PharmD
Irina F. Dragan, DDS, MS
Chad Duplantis, DDS
Glenn Du Pont, DDS
Robert A. Faiella, DMD, MMSc
Dennis Fasbinder, DDS
Howard P. Fraiman, DMD
Stuart Froum, DDS
Paul Fugazzotto, DDS
David Garber, DMD
Ronald Goldstein, DDS
Jason H. Goodchild, DDS
Joseph R. Greenberg, DDS
Howard B. Gross, DDS, MSD
Sara G. Grossi, DDS, MS
Ueli Grunder, DMD
Gregg A. Helvey, DDS, MAGD, CDT
Elliot Hersh, DMD, MS, PhD
Anil Kohli, MDS
Dean Kois, DMD
Jeffrey Kopman, DDS
Jack T. Krauser, DMD
V. Kim Kutsch, DMD
Nathaniel C. Lawson, DDS
Robert A. Levine, DDS
Kenneth A. Malament, DDS, MScD

Robert Margeas, DDS
Carlo Marinello, DMD, PhD
Angelo Mariotti, DDS, PhD
Nicholas Marongiu, DDS
Pamela Kay McClain, DDS
Brian L. Mealey, DDS, MS
Ricardo Mitrani, DDS, MSD
John Molinar, PhD
Paul Moore, DMD, PhD, MPH
Marc Nevins, DMD, MMSc
Hessam Nowzari, DDS, PhD
Paul Petrungaro, DDS, MS
Daniel Poticny, DDS
Christopher Ramsey, DMD
Terry D. Rees, DDS, MSD
Michael P.Rethman, DDS, MS
Robert Ritter, DDSS
Georgios E. Romanos, DDS, PhD
Paul S. Rosen, DMD, MS
Edwin S. Rosenberg, BDS, DMD
Louis E. Rossman, DMD
Maria Ryan, DDS, PhD
Henry Salama, DMD
Maurice Salama, DMD
Jeanne M. Salcetti, DDS, MS
Mariano Sanz, DDS
Rachel Schalhorn, DDS
James J. Sciubba, DMD, PhD
Francis Serio, DMD, MBA
Michael R. Sesemann, DDS
Lee Silverstein, DDS
James Simon, DDS, MEd
Bruce Small, DMD, MAGD
Michael Sonick, DMD
Frank Spear, DDS, MSD
Steven D. Spitz, DMD
Adam Stabholz, DMD
Barbara J. Steinberg, DDS
J. Kobi Stern, DDS, MSc
Howard E. Strassler, DMD
Martin Trope, BDS, DMD
Barry Wagenberg, DMD
Hom-Lay Wang, DDS, MSD, PhD
Arnold S. Weisgold, DDS
Brian L. Wilk, DMD


Matthew T. Ingram


C. Justin Romano


Perri Lerner


Bill Noone


Claire Novo


AEGIS Publications


Daniel W. Perkins


Anthony A. Angelini


Karen A. Auiler

Corporate Associate

Jeffrey E. Gordon

Media Consultant, East

Scott MacDonald

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