Curs Invisalign, București, 8 iulie 2017

București, 8 iulie 2017

“10 keys for predictability with Invisalign
and how DSD helps us to make it easier”

Speaker: Dr. Iván Malagón

Invisalign Diamond Doctor,
Member of International DSD Master

  1. Biomechanical principles with Invisalign aligners
  2. Frequent mistakes in the beginning of the design of a case with invisalign
  3. Clincheck Pro management for absolute control of the case
  4. Effective communication with invisalign technicians
  • Treatment Preferences
  • Clincheck tips
  • Digital Smile Design
  1. Keys to make predictable teeth movements
  2. Understanding actions&reactions
  • Management of “reciprocal movements”
  • Use of “side effects”
  • Maximum and medium anchorage with invisalign
  1. Immovable molars or sectors and micro screws
  2. Excellent results:
  • Handling the Bolton discrepancy
  • Interproximal reduction
  • Redistribution of spaces for correct proportions
  1. Selection of 30 cases of all malocclusions
  2. Summary and closure

Persoana de contact:

Laura Oneci
+40725 526 638

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