Periodontal Curriculum iPerio

Patronade by: University of Michigan

10 DAYS of theory, hands-on & live-op both in Italy & Romania


For more details please contact:
Dogaru Diana
Relationship Manager DPM
0756 141 637,

Customized program & training for ONLY 12 participants! The last 4 seats available!


Prof. Giulio Rasperini
Course director
Prof. William Giannobile
, DDS, DMedSc
Dr. Mirela Feraru


This periodontal program has been formulated to build a complete periodontal curriculum. It is designed for the young dentist that approach the profession, but also for the expert who needs to update the knowledge in the periodontal field. The course will embrace today’s most advanced protocols, techniques and procedures to diagnose and treat periodontal disease. The course has many hours, hands-on practice and a full weekend with live surgery demonstration. This teaching approach will allow to the participants to bring all the techniques into the everyday practice immediately, because they have listened, seen and done all the procedure under the supervision of Prof. Rasperini.

Dr. Mirela Feraru, will discuss the technique of an optimal clinical documentation and the relationship between periodontics and prosthodontics , how to plan the aesthetic cases.

Prof. William Giannobile will show the direction of research in periodontology such as gene therapy, growth factors new scaffold and new trends that will introduce us to the periodontology of the future.

Bucharest, Romania

5-6 July 2019, Romania
with Prof. Rasperini

Day 1 – Fundamentals of Periodontology:

  • Understanding Periodontal Disease;
  • Pathogenesis;
  • Classification of Periodontal diseases;
  • Diagnosis;
  • Diagnostic documentation, Periodontal Charting, X-Rays, laboratory exams;
  • How to present a Periodontal Clinical case;
  • Non-surgical periodontal therapy, the evolution;
  • Hygiene home care, instruments, and techniques;
  • Professional Hygiene care, instruments, and techniques;
  • The selection of the proper instrument according to the site’s phenotype;
  • Individualized protocols for hygiene control;
  • Use of antibiotics in Periodontology;
  • How to manage tooth mobility;
  • Non-Surgical periodontal therapy;
  • One stage full mouth disinfection;
  • Clinical cases.

Day 2 – Surgical instruments, flap principles, Magnification and illumination of the surgical field

Osseous resective surgery I:

  • Partial-thickness vs Full-thickness flap: how when and why;
  • Use of Ultrasonic tips vs bur for osseo resective;
  • The novel micro-invasive approach;
  • The Crown lengthening.

Apically repositioned flaps, Pre-prosthodontic surgery.

Periodontal surgery in molar area:

  • Anatomical analysis;
  • Clinical indications;
  • Root resection;
  • Operative options.

Hands-on training on Osseous resection surgery.

Homework, and literature to study for the next appointment.

13-14 September, Romania
with Prof. Rasperini

Day 3 – Periodontal plastic surgery I:

  • Classification of gingival recession defects, how to detect the phenotype of the surgical site;
  • Flap design for single gingival recession treatment;
  • Coronally Advanced Flap, Vertically Advanced Flap, Double Papilla, and Laterally positioned flap. Connective tissue harvesting from the palate, Matrix, Biological agents, Substitutes;
  • Hands-on training on single gingival recession treatment.

Day 4 – Periodontal plastic surgery II:

  • Flap design for multiple gingival recessions treatment;
  • Tunnelling Technique and its modifications, VISTA;
  • Modified Coronally Advanced Flap (Zucchelli’s flap design);
  • Autologous connective tissue graft, Other heterologous biomaterials in mucogingival plastic surgery.

Training on multiple gingival recession treatments.

Homework, and literature to study for the next appointment.

Piacenza, Italy

11-12 October, Piacenza, Italy
with Prof. Rasperini, at his private office

Private office of Prof. Rasperini

Days 5 and 6 – 2 days at least 4 live surgeries Crown lengthening, Mucogingival and periodontal regeneration cases.

Social dinner at home of Prof Rasperini with cooking class.

Homework, and literature to study for the next appointment.

Bucharest, Romania

1-2 November, Romania

Day 7 – Infrabony defects surgical treatment I:

  • The Biology of the periodontal wound healing;
  • Biomaterials and Techniques, what’s the evidence;
    the Single Flap Approach, Minimally Invasive Approach,
    Papilla’s Preservation Techniques, the Soft Tissue Wall Technique.

Dr. Mirela Feraru: The aesthetic analysis, clinical photography, patient’s communication, handling periodontal tissue near prosthetic restorations.

Day 8

Dr. Mirela Feraru: Perio – Prosth relationship

Training on periodontal regenerative surgical techniques.

Homework, and literature to study for the next appointment.

Milan, Italy

28-29 November, Milano – University of Michigan

2 days in Milano: Day 9 and 10

Prof. William Giannobile: 

  • How to do research in Periodontology;
  • Personalized Medicine;
  • The future of Periodontology: Stem cells, gene therapy, growth factors new scaffold.

Prof Rasperini:

  • Bone regeneration, GBR ridge preservation, and augmentation;
  • Surgical techniques and biomaterials;
  • Managing Soft Tissue around Implants;
  • Interdisciplinary dentistry, Periodontology into the teamwork
    Ortho- Perio.

Clinical cases discussion:
Participants clinical cases discussion, Learning assessment.

Social dinner at Just Cavalli Cafè Milano and Certificate Cerimony.

being part of iPerio means:

  • Have access to a continuous consultation with Prof Rasperini and his team;
  • Continuous updating on procedure and technique;
  • Annual meeting iPerio in Baveno, Lago Maggiore with the free scientific program every year held the last weekend of June with international guest speakers;
  • Meet and become friend with many international colleagues that share the same vision philosophy and passion.

Customized program & training for ONLY 12 participants!

The participants will receive personalized certificates of excellence in periodontal treatments issued by the prestigious University of Michigan.

More details and Registration:
Alexandru Mihăilescu0748 397 450,

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